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10 must know strategies and tactics to win in any negotiations!

10 must know strategies and tactics to win in any negotiations!

“Are you a winner?
Do you know that to win in life, you need to negotiate your way through life?
People often use the term win win. Are they being sincere?
Think again! Do they really want you to win? I doubt it. Every one wants to win but don’t say it!
So how can you win and win “unfairly”?
How come some folks seem to win always and be better at negotiations? Does it seem unfair to you?
I use the terms “unfairly” on purpose. These folks that win consistently have the tools and resources to win,  hence I use the the term unfairly?

Whether you are an individual, a small business or large corporate employees, In this short video, I will give you the tools, the strategies and tactics to negotiate successfully through any negotiation  situation with your potential employer, your suppliers, customers, employees, or just about in every day situations.

connect the dots winunfairly john lincoln 226x300 - 10 must know strategies and tactics to win in any negotiations!First a few words about myself – My name is John Lincoln and I am the author of a book called “Connect the dots” – a playbook to help you connect to your customers and profits.

I have hired and led a sales and marketing teams of over 1,000+ people just like you and have negotiated with employees, employers, suppliers, partners and internal customers and departments.

Along the way, I was blessed to live, work and run billion dollar businesses in the USA, Japan, UK, India, Malaysia, UAE (Dubai), Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Thailand.

You can find out more about me at my website Or on LinkedIn at

Here are the top 10 negotiation strategies, tactics and tools to apply in any negotiation situation

  1. Be practical – root your expectations and goals practically. Don’t be whimsical and “pie in the sky” assuming that the other side is dumb. For example, don’t  be like many startups who expect unrealistic valuations for their companies and end up closing shop without finding any investors.
  2. Be flexible – information, situations and emotions of the folks that you are negotiating with are dynamic and whitewater like …so expect to be taken on a detour and remind yourself that flexibility is required to achieve your end goal
  3. Be emotionally aware – don’t show nor be overtly excited as you may regret later. A planned and balanced inconsistent behavior will help in throwing off the other party’s read on the situation.
  4. Make the first offer – when you make the first offer, your expectations will be anchored for reference. By making the first offer, any price discussions will be referred to your first offer.
  5. Know you floor and or ceiling prices – you should be clearly aware as to what the lowest price that you will sell something or the highest price that you will pay for something.
  6. Know your alternatives – by having alternatives, and by knowing your floor and or ceiling prices, you know your options and can walk away. In other words, know well your point of no return. Don’t be fixated on one deal!
  7. Know who has the leverage – you should be crystal clear in your mind as to who has the leverage – is this a sale under duress? What happens to the seller or buyer if the deal doesn’t go through?
  8. Time is of the essence – the longer a deal gets stretched, one will be a loser. Don’t be that loser!
  9. Be assertive – you cannot be the nice guy and just agree with everything the other party suggests or claims. You can disagree or correct the other parties wrong assumptions – do it in a positive and professional manner.
  10. Watch your body language and voice – at the end of the day, people do business with people they like. Your voice intonations and body language are cues to another person as to whether you are likeable or not!

negotiations strategies and tactics - 10 must know strategies and tactics to win in any negotiations!These 10 negotiations strategies and tactics have served me well all these years. As insurmountable as some negotiations seem to be, don’t lose sight of these 10 strategies and tactics to win in any negotiations.

There you go. Now you have another very important skill to win “unfairly” in life. You can now laugh your way to the bank. Let the other party think it was a win. In your mind and heart you will know that you won hands down as you had the tools, strategies and tactics to once gain win “unfairly” in any negotiations.

Last but not least, never forget that any negotiation is a strategic conflict for both parties. Therefore always address the tactical aspects with strategic thinking!

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Giving you an unfair competitive advantage always!

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