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Top 10 ways to be a top champion sales person in any industry

Get insights on how to be a super sales person

This is a part of series of  blogs and videos designed to help you win “unfairly” in life.

In life, we all need to sell to survive. We don’t just have to be a top sales person to sell to survive. This blog is not just intended for folks who are sales people. This is intended for ordinary folks like you and me.

In life we have to sell ourselves during our courting or an interview or even whilst at work. We might have to convince our family and friends on a particular idea. So you see that this is not meant for sales people only. Selling skills are not only required by sales folks, but all of us who have to convince others of our ideas, projects and way of thinking so that others follow our way. Real champions know how to win in life. Selling anything whether it’s an idea or product is an integral part of succeeding in life.

The video below shows you how to be a top gun sales person.

You don’t have to read the Harvard Business Review to know what makes a good sales man or the great things that all great sales people do. Whether you are a small business or a large  business or an individual, you need these 10 skills below to know what top sales people do differently.

You don’t need to be in sales to be a top sales person. You can be an individual in sales or in any other function or line of business and adopt the skills and traits of a top sales person to sell any of your ideas and thoughts.

Have you ever wondered why some folks can sell you any ideas, products or services? What makes this people so special? What do they have that you don’t have? Why are they winning always?

You must know that although some of these successes might seem unfair to you, they have a set of tools, behaviors and attributes that they religiously follow thorough.

Before we get into what makes some a great sales person, we must all believe in our selves. We have to believe that we are champions and can achieve anything that we set our to do. This does not apply to sales people only. This also does not mean that you have to go to an Ivy League like Harvard Business School to succeed.

shutterstock 1371325487 Converted 300x211 - Top 10 ways to be a top champion sales person in any industryIn my professional career, I have hired and managed teams of 1,000 plus and have managed business units that generate revenues in excess of a billion dollars. 

During these stints, I have observed that some folks are always the winners. These are folks not just in the sales teams. These include team members across all functions and jobs. They are always able to push through or convince others to go along with them on a certain idea or project.

One very important attribute that I noticed was that these winners had no short cuts. The winners always work very hard. Additionally, they care for their customers, clients or whomever that they are trying to sell an idea to.

All of these winners and super sales folks believed in themselves . These winners act, think and walk like winners. They don’t let any one or any situation make them think or act other wise.

Trying to be a good sales person is not just about sending emails, making call and blasting spams and hoping the other person bites. A good sales person takes pride in what they do. They have to believe in their product, service or idea. They don’t do it just because they have to do it.

Of course there are other fundamental and basic attributes and aspects that one must have before he or she can be a top sales person. These include good communications skills, good listening skills, a positive temperance and lots of patience.

The topical knowledge that a good sales person should have should exceed more than their subject matter expertise, communications skills, prospect and pipeline management and others. They are many aspects beyond that that one should address and be good at to be a top gun sales person.

These top 10 attributes has been researched amongst thousands of sales people across the globe. Although these might seem to be simple and straightforward, not many sales people get it. Just imagine that 80 percent of sales persons are not considered to be among the high performing sales people. To be considered a high performing sales person, one has to be in the top 20 percent of the sales team.

It might seem unfair that the high performance sales folks win always. There is no secrete sauce. By watching my video and reading this blog, this will give you an unfair advantage to win or succeed in life. 

One of the most fundamental tool or skill that we need to win “unfairly” in life is the ability to sell and or convince others of our ideas, thought and ways.

The thought and ideas in this are suitable not only for sales people but also small business owners, employees, large business executives or others. This does not only apply to large businesses, small businesses or sales people. These apply to all of us as individuals. Very often people just don’t bother  learning or knowing about a certain subject or skill just because they think it’s useful only if we are in business or doing business or has some thing to do with business. This is certainly not the case.

You can have a library of books or you can go to Harvard Business School; it does not matter if you cannot convince people of your ideas and thoughts. Just imagine what a good sales person does or have to do. Imagine trying to convince a person or business to part with their money in exchange for goods or services that they might or might not need. This is power. This is the first thing that we should master to win unfairly in life. To succeed in life or in business, we should be able to convince a business or individual to go our way – just like the top sales people.

So what makes some one a super sales person. So here are the top 10 traits and skills of a high performance sales person.

  1. There are no short cuts in life. To win in life, you must work hard. All the successful sales people that I know all work very hard.
  2. Then we have to get along with people. All high performing sales persons that I know can get along with people. They have what we call a very high emotional intelligence. Some of the characteristics of high emotional intelligence includes being practical, assertive and deliberate. Additionally, as sales people, they have to go through highly flexible and whitewater conditions. This requires all sales people to be flexible.

All good sales people high emotional awareness and keep their emotions in check.

Last but not least, good sales person are expected to have a high degree of empathy. What this essentially means is that a good sales person knows how to put him or herself in someone’s shoes.

  1. High preforming sales persons always leverage their relationships and internal networks to get the best deal for their customers. So you don’t have to be a high performing sales person to leverage your networks. You can do this within your own network too.
  2. Good sales people are normally very likable. In life, if you want to win and succeed, you have to have a likable personality. High performance sales persons achieve this by aligning their interest and common ground with their customers.
  3. A high performing sales person always reciprocate by being helpful or supportive to their customers.
  4. High performing sales people always demonstrate social acceptance of their product or idea. As an individual, you can apply this technique to bing others to your side.
  5. High performing sales persons demonstrate a high degree of competence and authority. These high performing sales people demonstrate this by how they carry themselves and demonstrate competence by always delivering what has been promised. These high performing sales people carry themselves and demonstrate a high degree of confidence.
  6. High performing sales people convey scarcity or rarity of their products or services. As a non sales person you can perhaps apply this principle to covey a narrow window of opportunity or a limited time availability to execute your idea or thoughts.
  7. A high performing sales person is consistent and always deliver on their commitments. High performing sales people often practice the dictum “underpromise and over deliver”. They always keep their promises and deliver on their commitments.
  8. High performing sales persons always demonstrate an incremental value proposition to their customer. So whatever idea, service or product that you are trying to convince others to adopt or buy, please make sure that this adds incremental value for them.

From the list above, you can see that you don’t have to be a sales person or in sales management to sell and promote your ideas and thoughts. As you must have noticed above, you not only have to be a good speaker to try and convince some one to buy your idea, product or service, but there are many other qualities that are required  to succeed.

So this is not just about being good in in management or sales or just being able to listen but there are many qualities that are required to become a good sales person.

You should always keep in mind an important caveat to all the 10 attributes that you have read or will see in the video.  That caveat is that whatever you are selling, whether it’s a  product, service or idea, it must create incremental value to whomever you are selling it to. 

Now that you know the top 10 skills to be a high performing sales person, go ahead and win and succeed in life. Sell your ideas, thoughts, services and products in any environment. It does not matter if it’s a personal, social and or business environment. You now have the skills to succeed and win “unfairly” in life. Now you can be a top selling  sales person like real sales persons and be a winner in life!

So go ahead be among the 10 greatest sales people of all time. Now you know all the qualities that a top sales person should have. You have gone through the top 10 traits of a sales person and you know the top 10 things that great sales people do. Yo know and you can do it.

So go ahead and enjoy the video. I hope you will become a winner like these champions. Knowing and practicing these attributes will certainly give you an “unfair” advantage to win in life.

So go ahead and be a champion!

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