Hi, I’m John Lincoln

I am sure you are wondering as to who am I and why I have this  win “unfairly” in life blog site. My name is John Lincoln and I am based between two beautiful parts of the world – The San Francisco Bay Area in the USA and Dubai, the UAE.

I promise not to waste your time with the run of the mill ideas and thoughts. If I don’t add tangible incremental value to your perspectives, knowledge, business or career, write me a note and either you will convince me that I wasted your time, or I will convince that you didn’t realize the incremental knowledge that I imparted to you.

I have over 35 years of global hands on digital and telecom commercial B2B and B2C M&A, Business Development, sales and marketing leadership experience including managing P&L business of over US$ One Billion and leading teams of over 1000+ employees.

My global operating experience includes experiences with major global brands including Vodafone, Softbank, AT&T, Fidelity, Airtel, Etisalat and others in many countries including the USA, Japan, UK, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Brazil and Thailand.

I have led my teams across different companies and countries to transform and deliver significant incremental value for any business organization that I was a part of. My professional expertise is mainly in B2B sales and marketing, M&A advisory, small business funding, commercial transformation of B2B organizations, board and advisory board representations. I am also open to mentoring a select few high caliber/ high potential individuals.

You are welcome to have a discussion with me to see how I can help your organization or you to gain an unfair competitive advantage in this dynamic marketplace. Academically, I have a MBA and a MS in Telecommunications from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, CA, USA.

Last but not least, I am also a published author. I published my first book “Connect the dots” – a playbook to help you connect to your customers and profits.

You can buy my book on Amazon here:

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John Lincoln

Words like delayering (when management is terminated) to right-sizing or reorganization are terms which should not be used when having to let employees go.”

John Lincoln, Author