Let it rain! Let it rain!

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In every sales organization, roughly 70% to 80% of the incremental value or deals are brought in or generated by about 20% top 30% of the folks. Then there is the super 20% of the top 20% or roughly the top 5% of the superstars. These are who are known as the “rainmakers”.

So how does one identify or hire rainmakers? Here are the traits and attributes that you look for in rainmakers!


I had a business plan ande was able to raise more than $3 million in funding from individual investors. My partners and the majority of the top management team that I hired were dedicated and superbly competent idividuals.”

john lincoln, author
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Strategic opportunists – rainmakers are strategic opportunists who are willing to forgo short-term setbacks for the big thunderstorm. Most sales folks are tactical opportunists just focused on their short-term targets.

“Take no prisoners” – rainmakers are ruthlessly uncompromising in their pursuit of a deal. When they bite a bone they don’t let go and don’t let others have a chance to get it from them!

Not “pie in the sky” types – rainmakers are practical realists and not daydreamers.

“Thanks but no thanks” – rainmakers are positively assertive. They are not passive aggressors who agree and then go behind someone’s back to renegade on a promise or commitment.

“I am not capricious” – rainmakers are structured and deliberate and not whimsical. They are not erratic and waggish! Every interaction with a customer is purposeful and deliberate with the endpoint in mind.

“That which yields is not always weak” – rainmakers know that business is a whitewater environment and requires flexibility. They are not dogmatic and know that the measure of their strength and success is their flexibility and adaptability.

“It is in me” – rainmakers are self aware of their own inner strengths and weakness and act in a manner conducive to winning the deal.

“I know your shoes are tight” – rainmakers know how to put themselves in others shoes. They have a high empathy for their customers’ circumstances and need.  

“My internal clock is fully wound” – rainmakers have an internal clock that is pipeline and results oriented. They are driven to succeed. They will emnsure that their energy levels and biological clocks are timed to their objectives.

“I speak to be heard” –rainmakers know that listening teaches them more than speaking. They are articulate and effective communicators.

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Of course with the rain comes the mud. Rainmakers have a high realization of their contributions to the overall success of their firm and appear to act as prima donnas who need all the attention and adulation. The rainmakers that I know are also greedy in their need for accomplishment. They keep seeking continual success and would eventually burn out or move on.

Say what you may, if you are running a for profit sales oriented firm, the realities of then world will dictate that you need the rainmakers to make a difference.

As one of my favorite quotes says, “some people walk in the rain, others just get wet”!


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