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What leader type are you?

A good number of leaders that I have come across in my career are level 1 leaders – whose influence comes only by way of their job title. I call these the “I am the boss” types

Then there are the level 2 leaders who gets things done just by relationships and their likability factor. These I call the “you scratch my back and I scratch your’s” types.

Level 3 leaders are change agents who gets things done on their influence and credibility. These are what I call the “I get things done” types.

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There is a charm about the forbidden that is unspeakably desirable.”

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Level 4 leaders are a rare breed that has all the attributes of the 3 levels above, but fully empower, coach and mentor their people. These types are the ones that I call the “I get things done but my folks matter” types.

Level 5 leaders are the rarest of the breed – they not only have the attributes of all the above but their resolution and sincere humility is paradoxical in a world full of high testosterone and egos! These are the types that I call “it’s not about me but the success of the team and company that matters” types!

Now ask yourself – how many level 4 and 5 leaders you know! If you can find one, you might turn out to emulate them and be among the rarest of the breed – at worst a level 4, and at best a level 5.


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