The new 'normal'

Food for thought – “Coming together is not heavenly”

The next pandemic might not be too far away -it will happen more often (frequently) and the time lapse between the last two and the present COVID19 will be much less.

Experts expect the next epidemic or perhaps a pandemic in 5 years or less.

Other than the obvious world of e-learning, telemedicine and virtual meetings, there are significant other intangibles that are not too obvious today.

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There is a charm about the forbidden that is unspeakably desirable.”

john lincoln, author
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In a post pandemic world, there will be major intangible impacts on how we conduct business, invest, manage risk, segment products and services, product development process, the life cycle and experience management, hiring and supply chain management process and payments.

Most importantly we will segregate all customers, propositions, processes, investments, risks, warfare and teams into 2 macro segments – NEED TO COME TOGETHER and NO NEED TO COME TOGETHER.

Just ponder on the impacts on organization structures, customer targeting, number of resources, capital deployment and compensation.

Stay safe!

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