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Top 10 ways to detect fake, sneaky and deceptive people in your life!

Top 10 ways to detect fake

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Before I begin, please note that this is a continuation of my previous blogs and videos with so many traits, skills, attributes and aspects on how to win “unfairly” in life.
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Win unfairly in life
In this blog and video I will share with you my thoughts on on how to detect deceptive people and their tactics.

How can you win “unfairly”? Why do some folks seem to win in life  always and are better at everything they do? Does it seem unfair to you?

I use the terms “unfairly” on purpose. These folks that win consistently have the tools and resources to win, hence I use the the term “unfairly”.

Fake, sneaky and deceptive people

As you become more successful, you will come across your fair share of folks trying to deceive you & have the upper hand on you. Most people do not possess the skills to detect deceivers amongst them.

In this blog and video, I will guide you through the ways in which you can detect deceptive people and their tactics. This is a must have skill to have to win “unfairly” in life.

Whether you are an individual, a small business or a large corporate employee, this short video will enable you to have the  “secrets” and the skills required to detect deceptive people and their tactics in your every day life.

Who am I?
connect the dots winunfairly john lincoln 226x300 - Top 10 ways to detect fake, sneaky and deceptive people in your life!First a few words about myself – My name is John Lincoln and I am the author of a book called “Connect the dots” – a playbook to help you connect to your customers and profits. If you are interested, you can buy the book online at Amazon – here is the link to buy  “connect the dots”

I have hired and led commercial teams of over 1,000+ people just like you and have applied these deception detection skills to beat my competition in many countries. I have also applied these skills in dealing with employees, suppliers, vendors, competitor employees,  partners and departments.

Along the way, I was blessed to live, work and run or contributed significantly to run billion dollar businesses with major brands in the USA, Japan, UK, India, Malaysia, UAE (Dubai), Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Thailand.

You can find out more about me here or  on LinkedIn at

Real winners will try and detect fake and deceptive people
So we are back to the important topic of detecting deceptive people and or their tactics. You MUST have these  detection skills to navigate and win or succeed in life.

Do you know that most people just react by not wanting to believe that a deception is taking place. Most just assume and leave to their instincts or gut feelings.

The real winners have the unfair tools to detect these deceptive people and their tactics.  These winning situations can be in any major or important situations in your life or business.

Before we start, be aware that there are many more aspects to detecting deceptive people and their tactics. These guidances are just for you to know  and to give you the upper hand to win “unfairly”. These are NOT intended for you to directly accost or accuse any one of deception.

The top 10 ways to detect fake, sneaky and deceptive people
So here are the top 10 ways that you can detect deceptive people and their tactics. Again, these skills and observations can be applied in your personal, professional and or business situations.

  1. Deceptive folks answer questions with questions – Remember that even untruthful people don’t like to lie – they prefer not to lie but to avoid answering the question or respond with a question. For Why would I cheat you? Why would I do that to you?
  2. They always use expressions of uncertainty like “I guess”, I assume”, “maybe”, “perhaps”, “suppose” and so forth.
  3. They have a lack of details – those who make up stories, tend to keep their comments or statements brief and simple. Normally, as smart as deceptive folks think that they are, they do not have sufficient creativity to make up detailed descriptions of untrue events.
  4. They imply or allude to their actions – deceptive folks often imply or allude to their actions. They do not say it directly. This is a tricky one. So here is an example. So here is a real life example of a person who illegally gave confidential information on his company’s new product launch to the competitor. “Someone needed to visit the channel partner and then the aspect of training the partner employees was important. No one belIves that our competition will ever get our product launch information”. Now reflect and think – Did he visit the channel partner? Did he train the partner employees? Did the competitor get the product launch information?
  5. They make no references to themselves – Deceptive folks often use language that does not include them in the discussion. Now think how a truthful person will say the same statements before. “ I visited the channel partner. I trained their sales people. I insisted on the confidentiality of this launch and I firmly believe that our competition has no clue on our new product launch”. Remember that truthful people generally will have no hesitation to make personal references to themselves
  6. Unusual lengths of utterance – Most of us speak in an average sentence of 10 to 15 words. Deceptive folks often speak in sentences that have significantly shorter or longer words. Pay special attention to this.
  7. Pay attention to how they say “No” – normally, when folks are deceptive, they tend to say no and close their eyes or they say no after a hesitation or they look in a different angle. Some will even stretch their noooos and or even say no in a sing sone manner.
  8. Pay attention to how deceptive people talk – when they are in a deceptive mode, they talk faster and louder. Sometimes, you could listen and observe cracking in their natural tones and occasionally they cough more than they should. These are undue signs of stress and tension.
  9. They pretend to have lapses in memory – Deceptive people will pretend to have lapses in memory despite being extremely alert in prior circumstances and or discussions.
  10. In life, you will come across genuine folks who like you and give you compliments because they are sincere and likeable. However beware of folks that you hardly know or just met who give you too many compliments. Watch out for people overtly praising and complimenting you and laughing all the time at your jokes. Beyond flattery, these are signs of deceptive and or insincere intent.

Context matters!
So there you have it. However, here is a word of caution. Before you judge someone prematurely, it is important that you take into account context, culture, language, ethnicity, communications style and personality differences.

This video is intended to guide you through tell tale signs of detecting a deceptive person. By knowing these tell tale signs, you can avoid being misled, cheated or even robbed of your hard earned wealth by some unscrupulous folks.

Winning in life – Sun Tzu said it best

34 7 1024x684 - Top 10 ways to detect fake, sneaky and deceptive people in your life!

Here is a quote from my favorite strategist, the ancient Chinese admiral Sun Tzu, who said “appear weak when you are strong and appear strong when you are weak”. This way, you will win unfairly by letting the deceiver believe that you are unaware of the deceiver’s unholy intentions.

So don’t be defeated. Be a winner always. Go out and confidently win in any situation in life. Knowing these tools will certainly give you a head start and put you in an “unfair” advantage.

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