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Ten (10) ways to be a super deal maker or a “rain maker”!

Rain makers

Ten 10 ways to be a super deal maker or a “rain maker Dealmaker 300x200 - Ten (10) ways to be a super deal maker or a “rain maker”!“Are you a winner? Are you a rain maker? Have you heard of the term “rain maker”? Do you know what makes some one a rain maker?

This blog and video will show you the top 10 aspects that make you a super sales person or deal maker – or as they say a “rain maker”

I have hired and led sales and marketing teams of over 1,000+ people just like you and I have seen a select few rain makers.

So who are are these rain makers? Do you know that in every sales organization, roughly the top 5% of the sales folks are super stars. These are who are known as the “rainmakers”. They bring in the deals and the big wins!

So who are these rain makers?
What do these rain makers have they makes them so special?
Do you think you can be one of them? Let’s find out

  1. Rainmakers are strategic opportunists who are willing to forgo short-term setbacks for the big thunderstorm. The others are tactical opportunists just focused on their short-term targets
  2. Rainmakers are ruthlessly uncompromising in their pursuit of a deal. When they bite a bone they don’t let go
  3. Rainmakers are practical realists and not daydreamers
  4. Rainmakers are positively assertive. They are not passive aggressors
  5. Rainmakers are structured, deliberate and not whimsical. Every rain maker customer interaction is purposeful and deliberate with the endpoint in mind
  6. Rainmakers know that business is a whitewater environment and requires flexibility.
  7. Rainmakers are self aware of their own inner strengths and weakness
  8. Rainmakers know how to put themselves in others shoes
  9. Rainmakers are driven to succeed. They will ensure that their energy levels and biological clocks are timed to their objectives
  10. Rainmakers know that listening teaches them more than speaking. They listen twice as much as they speak!

But watch out – with the rain comes the mud. Rainmakers sometimes appear to act as prima donnas who need all the adulation. Also, the rain makers sometimes would eventually burn out or move on.

Say what you may. If you are running a for profit sales oriented firm, the realities of the world will dictate that you need the rainmakers to make a difference.

As one of my favorite quotes says, “some people walk in the rain, others just get wet”!

Now that you know how to be a rain maker and a top gun sales person you can go out there and be a champion.

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